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Our new Gender Center suite is up and running! Please come out and visit us soon in this beautiful new space. We offer electrolysis with pain-free options, makeup lessons, voice workshops and a new procedures room.

We embrace your entire transition which includes helping you with all aspects of transitioning. Our patients benefit from Sephora makeup classes and YOUtube tutorials. 

Transition Beautiful

Social transition from male to female or female to male is a challenge and causes anxiety.

Many of our patients have no money for make up, hair styling or clothing.

We are asking you to help us, either by donating money, unused beauty products or your time if you are a hair dresser/visagist or would like to take a transwoman or transman shop for clothes.

We want to start a program for transgender people as they transition and come out in public to help them be their beautiful selves as they are taking on their new journeys.

Everything donated will be used and given to the transgender community as beauty products, coupons for hair styling, hair removal or clothing, make up tutorials, make-overs.

  • Stacey Cole, a local voice coach, organizes voice therapy sessions for small groups at the Gender Center. Ask us for her information.

Our Gender Center includes our electrolysis service by Jennifer Lynn Wilguess, who has been with us for over 2 years and specializes all hair removal, including facial hair removal for those with PCOS, and hair removal for those undergoing gender affirming surgeries (mtf and ftm). We also have a procedure room at the clinic where we perform outpatient surgeries. These include a range of gynecological procedures as labiaplasty, endometrial ablations and hysteroscopy. We also perform mole/skin lesion removal and orchiectomies (soon vasectomies) with in-house anesthesia or under local anesthesia.


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