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Every year as many as 500,000 patients undergo a hysterectomy. There are numerous reasons why people with a uterus need this common surgery, which involves removal of the uterus. Rixt Luikenaar, MD, FACOG, at Rebirth OB/GYN in Salt Lake City, is a health expert who performs hysterectomies using the most advanced techniques. For a consultation, call the office today or book an appointment online.

Hysterectomy Q & A

What is a hysterectomy?

A hysterectomy is a surgical procedure that removes your uterus. It’s one of the most common procedures performed on folx with a uterus in the United States. In addition to your uterus, Dr. Luikenaar may also remove your ovaries and fallopian tubes during your hysterectomy.


Why would I need a hysterectomy?

There are many reasons people with internal reproductive organs may need to undergo a hysterectomy. However, for gynecological issues, a hysterectomy is usually the last recommended treatment. Dr. Luikenaar may first attempt to manage your gynecological needs through conservative treatments, such as medication.

If you fail to get relief from your symptoms with conservative management, then Dr. Luikenaar may review your other options. Some of the most common gynecological conditions that may benefit from a hysterectomy include:

  • Endometriosis
  • Fibroids
  • Unusual menstrual bleeding
  • Gynecological cancer
  • Uterine prolapse

Dr. Luikenaar also specializes in the health care needs of the transgender community and may perform a hysterectomy for gender-affirming surgical therapy.


What are the surgical methods used for a hysterectomy?

Dr. Luikenaar is a surgical expert and uses the most advanced techniques to perform hysterectomies. Some of the techniques used include:

Open hysterectomy

An open hysterectomy is the most traditional surgical procedure. During this type of hysterectomy, Dr. Luikenaar cuts through your abdomen to remove your uterus.

Vaginal hysterectomy

The vaginal hysterectomy is less invasive than the open hysterectomy. During this procedure, Dr. Luikenaar removes your uterus through a small incision in your vagina.

Robotic da Vinci® hysterectomy

The robotic da Vinci hysterectomy is the most advanced surgical procedure for removal of the uterus. Dr. Luikenaar received special training to be able to perform this minimally invasive procedure, which utilizes robotic instruments to reduce incision size and improve precision. This procedure allows for a speedy recovery.

While Dr. Luikenaar prefers the less invasive surgical approaches for hysterectomy surgery, in some cases, an open procedure is needed. The best surgical method for you may depend on your need for surgery, as well as your medical and surgical history.


What happens after a hysterectomy?

After your hysterectomy, you no longer menstruate. If your ovaries were also removed, you may also go through menopause. Dr. Luikenaar provides specific instructions on what to expect following your hysterectomy based on your personal needs.

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